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The Witches of Pendle  

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Witch-hunting in Lancashire, England, 400 years ago.

The year sixteen-twelve boded ill
for the womenfolk of Pendle Hill.
It culminated in a famous trial
with many guilty pleas and no denial.
A peddler incurred Alison’s curse
because he held on to his purse
and refused to give her any pins.
That was the beginning of her sins.
She was the daughter of Liz Device
whose relatives were not very nice.
They practised devilry and trickery
and yet accused others of witchery.
John Law was the peddler’s name
and after the incantation he fell lame.
To the magistrate Roger Nowell
Alison admitted she had cast a spell
but also denounced Anne Chattox
as a witch known to spread the pox.
Soon one accusation led to another
and in the dock came grandmother,
mother, one brother and one sister
and the tales they told were sinister.
But who sealed the fate of the family
was one of their own, a young filly,
a nine-year-old girl called Jennet:
her testimony sent them to the gibbet.
The clerk of the Court, Thomas Pott
recorded, for posterity, the lot.
So now we don’t have to delve
in the archives of sixteen-twelve.

© Luigi Pagano 2012

Posted : 07/09/2020 10:35 am
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haha. That must have been an earlier incarnation! 🤣
I watched a documentary on the witches of Pendle Hill. It was the same sort of thing happened all over but mo. It was not unknown for three generations to go to the stake together. Mother, grandmother and grandchild. Just terrible times.  
Here in Edinburgh there were so many executed in various ways. A grim time in the church's history.

Scotland was the worst. Four times worse than the continent. They estimate between 4,000 and 6000 perished.

You captured the way one person could accuse another well here Luigi, same as Salem.
It was barbaric in the extreme and the misogyny of the church was behind most of it.


I never let good advice interfere with my plans.

Posted : 07/09/2020 5:59 pm